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Written by  Aliyu ilias.customer experience management expert
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The quest for experience has put ambiance in the front burner of excellent service delivery in the world, people tend to pay for experience not for service any longer. A friend of mine will always want to buy from a particular place in Abuja and I will always opt for a different place within the city. I summoned the courage to ask him why he will not trade-off the place for another place, he insisted I need to follow him and I will discover how irresistible the place is.

Having visited the place I altered my old common thought that, do not judge a book by it cover, the thought is gradually changing simply because there are some books, buildings, event places, that having seen the exterior you will keep wishing to go inside of the building to experience the interior and this is simply why we will all want to visit a place for the first time,

Ambience in customer service means a lot to customers, we must avoid unwelcoming environments. It has been proven by Psychologist that colour can actually affect the way we feel and even have a physical effect on us.

Different colours create different experiences to customers and employees. According to psychologists, blue colour creates a calm environment and atmosphere which proves to reduce blood pressure while green colour creates a restful state of mind. Purples may inspire contemplation for those that are looking to create a safe haven where customers can discover their inner most thoughts.

On the other hand, yellows excites and increase cardiopulmonary activities while red increases blood pressure and appetite.

Customer experience for the millennials must create a mood for the customer to be inspired or give a sense of security

However too much colour without engaging professionals hands may become tiresome on the eye and can cause stressful reactions, this remind me of an eatery in Lagos with good location but bad colour choices  to create good ambiance and poor aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has become a good welcoming touch point for customers because it proves that the organisation cares about the guest and is ready to improve the health and wellbeing of customers. It is a proven fact that scents or fragrances reduces anxiety, lift depression, or even energizes your staff and customers.

written by: Aliyu ilias,customer experience management expert

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